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The Millionaire Snake Breeder Blog is Here!

What's up everyone! I had a goal to start the Millionaire Snake Breeder (MSB) Blog this year and although it took a while, it's finally here! Some of you may have watched some of the MSB videos I put out on YouTube and I appreciate that. I will continue to put out more content on YouTube, but this will be my primary form of communication on this very important topic.

So why did I start the MSB series? Some may think I'm boasting or feeling my success, but in reality my main goal is to inspire, educate and helps others in the reptile community grow. The fact is despite my success in the industry, I made a lot of mistakes along the way. Fortunately, I was able to overcome many of those mistakes and I like to think I'm better off for them. So understand that my goal is to encourage and inspire as many of my fellow hobbyist as possible to not only achieve, but exceed my accomplishments in the game. I am 100% convinced that anyone in this hobby can achieve millionaire status all while living an awesome life doing what they love.

I appreciate all the positive feedback and I plan to continue to cover new topics related to husbandry, business and most importantly mindset. We are exploring more ways to engage and help as many of you guys as possible without burning out or getting too distracted from our own responsibilities.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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