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The Millionaire Snake Breeder: The Power of Routine

Everybody develops routines... it's the way we are wired. Unfortunately most us develop unproductive or self destructive routines. I've learned how to establish productive routines when I started breeding snakes. By necessity I realized that I had to consistently provide for my animals if they were to thrive. I had a goal in mind to become a successful breeder and I was going to be diligent and committed to the process. I've sacrificed a lot over the years to ensure my animals where well cared for, but it was well worth the effort. Not only have I generated wealth and time freedom, but I learned to be disciplined and efficient. I learned to focus on what matters and don't waste time on BS like arguing my opinion on forums or trying to prove a point on social media. I learned to avoid distractions or things and people that discouraged me from chasing my dreams. I learned that focusing my time and energy on earning income was way better than wasting my time trying to save a few bucks. I have since incorporated the same disciplined routines I learned breeding my snakes into my personal life. Here's my daily morning routine that has had a profound impact on my life the past few years...

  1. Wake and chug a liter of water before brushing my teeth or rinsing my mouth. The naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth is all the probiotics you need and hydration is also important for good health.

  2. Make my bed. This starts the day off right giving you a sense of accomplishment right out the gate leading to better productivity through out the day.

  3. Meditation for 20 minutes. I have been meditating for over 5 years now and it has had a profound impact on my life. I am more calm and self aware than ever before. Meditation is also known to have many health benefits that compound over time.

  4. 14-16 Hour intermittent fast. I try to stop eating at 8PM and usually break my fast between 10:30-12:00. I only drink water or black coffee with no sugar in the mornings.

  5. Wim Hoff breathing exercise. My most recent routine that I have implemented is the Wim Hof breathing exercises. This is another great way to relax and destress. It also provides countless other health benefits including increased lung capacity, stronger immune system and endurance.

  6. Another recent routine is my AM work out. When I quit my job in 2017 I was so out of shape and felt like shit. Now at 52 I feel great and can't believe that I have been working out so consistently. Now I crave my workouts and actually look forward to it rather than feeling like its a chore I have to do. I feel blessed that I GET to do it.

  7. I almost forgot, daily cold shower. I also start my shower off at the coldest setting possible. Cold showers help to build mental toughness and teach you to be comfortable being uncomfortable. There are countless other health benefits that you can google.

Starting one routine at a time is the way to approach things. Once you are doing one thing regularly and it becomes natural. You can add another. Eventually the compounding effect of all of these healthy habits will begin to transform your life. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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