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The MSB Blog: 2022 Breeding Update

Hey Everyone, thanks for subscribing to the blog. I just wanted to give a quick update on the 2022 breeding season. Although we are running later than usual, this breeding season is shaping up to be a strong one. It looks like we may produce at least 100 clutches for the first time ever far exceeding my target of 80. Our highest clutch count was 90 clutches during the 2020 breeding season. I just put away clutch #14 and we are starting to get clutches daily. This means May and June will be very busy. Happy to have my daughters helping out at the shop and learning the value of hard work, saving and investing at such a young age. I also contracted out my feeder operations to Akif of Boss Feeders last year which has freed up considerable time and headache. Boss Feeders is doing a great job keeping the facility running strong! I'm also very happy to know Robbie Kirkely will be joining the team and helping out this Summer. I usually get slammed during the Summer months and as my Real Estate portfolio grows it's getting more tricky managing all my businesses. So I plan to continue to build out my team and find ways to outsource more activities. This is the only way to truly grow!

We are very excited to see what hatches out this season here and in other collections. The industry has really evolved and I see many breeders producing some kick ass boas and ball pythons. It's nice to see killer stuff coming out of more collections rather than a few top dogs in the industry. This growth and evolution of the industry is critical for it to continue to grow and prosper. Not only am I seeing more and more breeders produce creative new combos... I'm seeing people being more business savvy and holding their prices for unique and hard to make combos. In the past you would see a new or upcoming breeders giving away valuable animals for a fraction of what they're worth. This is less of an issue nowadays. I think we are all starting to realize the strength of the ball python industry and the endless combo potential. Trying to price animals correctly is always a challenge, but if you have something unique and difficult to make you can probably get a lot more than what you think you can. I have learned this the hard way over the years. I also find that in the Winter months my male to female ratio is way more male heavy which is why I don't like to negotiate or discount females. I know my females will sell before next hatchling season and will only gain value as they grow. So it's smarter to price females high and patiently sit on them until you get your full asking price.

Anyway, it's Saturday and I need to get my work out in before I go look at some real estate with family. We are looking to acquire some cool Short Term rental properties. Always grinding seven days a week! Wishing everyone massive success this year. I'll leave you with a sneak peak of clutch #2 which is from an Orange Dream Desert Ghost Leopard Het Pied x Orange Dream Enchi Leopard Pied Het Desert Ghost!

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1 Comment

Payton MacDonald
Payton MacDonald
Apr 02, 2022

Great blog. Thanks for update. Wow. 100 clutches? That's insane. I'm waiting on my first clutch. I have a pregnant Bumblebee. The sire was a lavender albino. So, hets, but I'm just getting started.

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